Safety Health & Environmental Management (SHEm)

Why should you hire the SHE management services from Planlink?


The Safety, Heath and Environmental Management (SHEm) from Planlink amplifies the risk management vision, once it adds together SHE and Project Management concepts during capital projects assuring the reduction of probability of incidents and accidents during construction works. Our job begins during contractor selection and ends with project closing in accord with SHE requirements adopted on chemical industry, manufacturing and civil construction. 

Our SHE managment services include: 

  • Safety coordination during the project stages and construction execution allocating experienced and oriented safety proffesionals.
  • Statistic Assistance of deviations in order to preview repetitive unsafe behavior that may cause project delays and holdings due to work accident, and also keeping a system of regular reports, focused on non-conformities, corrective/preventive actions and statistic data;
  • Legal documentation management related to the work safety by implementing the Electronic Documentation Management  and allowance of on-line visualization of the documents for the clients;
  • Safety risks analysis and previous work plan to the activities development;
  • Verification and elaboration of health and safety plans for business;